【50%OFF】 TOURATECH 汎用 その他ハンドル関連パーツ GPS Map 78-78sホルダー-その他

GPS Map 78-78sホルダー


This handlebar mount is specially adapted to the shape of the GPSMAP 78. The GPS device fits easily in the stainless steel base plate. After activation of the laser-cut, CNC-shaped, forcibly guided closing mechanism, the upper part of the bracket lowers down over the device. The holder is specially adapted to the GPSMAP 78 and grips the device firmly and securely. The power cable with the round plug passes through the handlebar mount and is connected to the device before the device is placed in the mount.
So whatever lies ahead - high-frequency engine vibrations, large potholes or kerbs ? you can focus on your ride and the action. The Touratech handlebar mount for the GPSMAP 78 will keep your GPS device safe and secure wherever you go adventuring.

The facts about the Touratech GPSMAP 78 handlebar mount:
- Base plate made from laser-cut, CNC-shaped anodised aluminium
- Cover in laser-cut, CNC-shaped anodised aluminium
- Elaborate closing mechanism holds the device safely and firmly in position
- Special TT decouplings protect against vibration
- Fits onto 12 mm centre struts or swivel head adapters (optional)
- All functions of the GPS device are still easily accessible
- The GPSMAP 78 holder for bicycles is not lockable (065-0581)

Delivery schedule does not include the GARMIN GPSMap 78.


汎用GARMIN GPSMap 78-78s

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【50%OFF】 TOURATECH 汎用 その他ハンドル関連パーツ GPS Map 78-78sホルダー-その他

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